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Welcome to the Epic Playground (BOOST) Blog!

The BOOST story:

BOOST was born from the desire to improve lead generation for direct mail. For decades, industries have done things the old fashioned way – buying or renting mailing lists. How do you know if the people on the list will actually be interested in purchasing the product/service you are offering? Enter BOOST. BOOST methodically builds a mailing list from your existing web traffic. It’s about time to revolutionize direct mail!

Our background:

Epic Playground was born in Boulder, Colorado and is a Techstars Cloud 2012 alum. Today, our home is in the burgeoning tech scene in Dallas, Texas. Michael Sitarzewski, our CEO, is a passionate Dallas Startup Evangelist—you will find him hosting #BigDOCC, Dallas New Tech, and participating in House of Genius Dallas.

Bob Main leads operations from Fort Collins, Colorado. He brings nearly two decades of sales and operational experience to the team.

What you can expect from us:

We will cover topics on direct mail, lead generation, offline retargeting, and geolocation. Once a week, information will be presented in the form of tips, advice, and use cases. As we learn more about these sales and marketing strategies, we will share what we’ve learned. There are plenty of valuable new tools, techniques, and trends. Our goal is to help you understand how to use these new tools and techniques to bring more value to you and your customers.

Your role:

We’d love to hear your feedback through comments, email, phone, and social media. Feel free to suggest to us what you would like discussed (and showcased) in upcoming articles. In the meantime, keep us bookmarked or add our RSS feed, and share our blog with a friend or two. The more the merrier.


Until next time…

The Epic Playground Team


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