Epic press: A look at some of the stories about Epic and MediaGauge

I thought it would be a great time to list a few of the stories written about Epic Playground and MediaGauge. It’s been an amazing time, and we were able to do it with few regrets. Take a look back with us as Callisto.fm becomes Epic Playground, and MediaGauge is born. We’ve got some exciting news coming – enjoy the history.

TechStars Debuts New Cloud Accelerator’s Inaugural Batch – TechCrunch

Eleven companies relocated to San Antonio to join the first TechStars Cloud – The Next Web

TechStars Cloud Companies Ignite Alamo City – Tech Cocktail

APIs & data dominate TechStars Cloud demo day – GigaOm

Epic Playground wants to be the Chartbeat for media analytics – VentureBeat

Get Better Feedback on Your Videos with MediaGauge – Tech Cocktail

10 Boulder startups we’re excited about – VentureBeat

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From the Archives: Introducing MediaGauge (2 minute edit)

Last fall, the team at Epic Playground put together a five minute video detailing MediaGauge and its benefit to the world. The feedback was fantastic, except for one thing: the length. We took the feedback and made a much shorter version back then, but it never made it to the blog.

The focus of the Introducing MediaGauge video is on media analytics, which is still the core of the MediaGauge product. The video mentions that we’re working on a messaging component and that, in fact, has become the product.

So, here it is, 7 months later: Introducing MediaGauge (2 minute edit). Comments? Questions?

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An Epic chat with SoftLayer at #SXSW

Josh Krammes, Director or Community Development at SoftLayer Technologies and I had a great chat about Epic Playground, MediaGauge, and the Boulder startup community. Have a peek. :)

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EP in VentureBeat: “10 Boulder startups we’re excited about”

In case you missed it, Epic Playground was featured in VentureBeat this week! We are honored to be one of the 10 Boulder startups VentureBeat is excited about, and happy to see that most of the others are great friends. Congrats to everyone on the list. Let’s keep Boulder amazing!

Article on Boulder featuring Epic Playground

Article on Boulder featuring Epic Playground

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Real-time: Smarter Marketing and Advertising

Remember at the Super Bowl when the stadium lights suddenly went out? The pre-recorded television commercials continued to play on independent of what was happening in the Superdome. However, if you were on Twitter during those dimly lit 34 minutes, you would have seen the power of real-time, reactive advertising. Very recently, The Harvard Business Review reported that, “responding to events in real-time, as they unfold, and weaving your brand into the conversation in a way that entertains and supports your brand proposition, can be the most powerful marketing of all.”

Certainly social media provides powerful avenues for getting your message out in-the-moment. But, how are you capitalizing on your real-time website traffic? If fans are on your site, it’s safe to assume they care about what you have to say. So when an opportunity presents itself to say something relevant to the moment, how do you do that on a website?

Enter MediaGauge.

MediaGauge is a revolutionary new service that takes into account the fast pace of the modern world. We recognize that you need an audience engagement platform that works on your website; one that won’t make you wait hours for marketing campaign results. Furthermore, we know that when you’re armed with information about your audience you’re more likely to know how to speak to them. MediaGauge combines deep audience insights, engagement, and immediate results all in one sleek dashboard.

“By empowering brands to make strategic decisions on the fly, companies and their agencies can execute on smarter media plays that have small windows of opportunity, such as observing earned media trends and adjusting their paid media strategies to amplify them.”

Learn more about MediaGauge.

Read the full “The Power of Real-Time Advertising” article here.

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Engagement Patterns: MediaGauge vs. Social Media

Are you using social media to market your product, engage with your fans, or to drive traffic to your site? If so, you’ll want to read on.

As you know, tweeting or “Facebooking” your followers is only effective when your message is seen. Which begs the question: how do you know anyone is watching? How can you be sure that your tweet or post, in a stream with hundreds others, is visible? As Shea Bennett of MediaBistro said, “It’s an unfortunate reality that at any given moment almost nobody is paying attention to you on Twitter.”

Here’s the kicker. As social media platforms continue to grow in popularity, the odds of your tweet or post being seen decreases! This leads to low CTRs (click-through rates) and might mean your marketing isn’t as effective as it once was.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, MediaGauge leverages real-time analytics to inform you of your current audience size. We know the exact moment your fans are watching or listening to your media — and we share these insights with you via your MediaGauge dashboard. Then, when you fire off a message to market your product, engage with your fans, or drive traffic deeper into your site, you know it’s being seen.

Additionally, after you send messages to your audience we’ll provide you with campaign results. In less than a minute, know how your message was received; how many clicked on it, how many dismissed it, how many ignored it? Use this immediate feedback loop to determine that your message was a success!

MediaGauge allows you to make a big impact with your messaging. Sign up today to get started.

Read full MediaBistro story here.

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MediaGauge in the News!

SafariScreenSnapz031 copy

For the full press release visit: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130123005288/en/Epic-Playground-Launches-MediaGauge-Select-Beta-Customers

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CEO Series – Part III of III

Whether you’re new to analytics or not, MediaGauge is sure to give you insights into your audio and video content. We’re making it easy for you to learn new information about what’s already happening with your media.

Watch as CEO Michael explains how MediaGauge fits into your world and what you can look forward to experiencing. We give you the data and power to make decisions to better your content and your business.

Better your world. Sign up with MediaGauge today.

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The MediaGauge FAQ! You asked, we answer. Honestly.

1. What are our key differentiators (for both MediaGauge and MediaGauge Messages)?


  • Understand *how* your audience consumes your content
  • Cross player (YouTube, Vimeo, Brighcove, HTML5, Soundcloud, etc.)
  • Auto-detect: one line installation – incredibly easy to try.
  • No delays between media publishing/installation and data in the dashboard
  • Understand which content on the site is driving engagement
  • Understand where your audience is

MediaGauge Messages:

  • Leverages data provided by MediaGauge
  • Beautiful push-style notifications, pleasing to the eye
  • Entirely new “ad unit” that doesn’t require design changes to the site to implement
  • Use filters to target specific geographical users with different messages
  • Real-time testing of different messaging/branding campaigns
  • Leverages inbound marketing (AdWords, email campaigns, etc.) to drive the sales funnel
  • Soon: 3rd party messages
    • Revenue stream for publishers
    • Highly targeted messaging based on the individual’s context – media consumption *not required*
      • Filter: anyone consuming content in Denver, Boulder, and Golden, Colorado about snow conditions, skiing, or snowboarding
      • Message: “Don’t spend another minute on the front range. Take 25% off of your lift tickets right now, and spend the weekend at Vail.”

2. Who are our primary competitors (for both MediaGauge and MediaGauge Messages)?


  • Visible Measures
  • Tremor Media
  • TubeMogul
  • Built-in distributor analytics (YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, etc.)

MediaGauge Messages:

  • It’s a new market (mindshare)
  • Chat like customer service apps (not in functionality, but in mindshare)

3. What is our pricing structure (for both MediaGauge and MediaGauge Messages) when no longer free?

Note: Pricing is still under development for both products.

  • Free until 1/31/2013: MediaGauge pricing will start at $50/mo for 10,000 engagements (presses of the play button) and tiers up to $599/mo for millions.
  • Current MediaGauge Messages: Free for up to 100 delivered Messages per day, $2,500/mo for unlimited deliveries.

4. What does it take to get MediaGauge and MediaGauge Messages implemented?

  1. Create a MediaGauge account
  2. Copy code (one line of Javascript)
  3. Paste code into site. Or, simply install the WordPress plugin

5. Do we have APIs that we leverage to pull in our data?

All of our products are built on public APIs intentionally to make sure that every feature we add, and every bit of data we provide is available to our customers directly as well. If requested, we’ll even provide a copy of our dashboard to get you started. This creates opportunities for white-labeling MediaGauge.

6. Which players do we support?

The list is constantly changing. Please see the MediaGauge Browser Library Documentation

7. Where can I sign up?!

Right here: http://mediagauge.com

8. Who do I contact with questions?

See our customer support site – powered by Get Satisfaction. :)

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Why MediaGauge Messages?

Introducing MediaGauge Messages!

MediaGauge Messages delivers real-time, in-browser messages to consumers of your audio or video content. They work just like an SMS or a Tweet, but they’re delivered directly to the screens of your engaged fans. MediaGauge Messages are not in-video ad banners, and they’re not tied to a specific time stamp in a video. We’re talking about push-style messages that appear in a familiar and engaging way on your video or audio content.

How do they work?

Simply use the MediaGauge Dashboard to select your target audience, then enter your campaign message and the target URL of where you want the message to appear. Delivery is only a “send” button away! Your audience will immediately see a message on their screen. And that’s it. It’s really that simple!

Why MediaGauge Messages?

MediaGauge Messages reports all clicks as they happen, giving you instant feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign. With MediaGauge Messages you can make campaign adjustments instantly. This crushes the traditional message-response cycle which can take days or weeks to gather analytics.

Ok. So, give me an example!

Here’s someone using MediaGauge Messages to earn additional ad revenue.

Here’s how it works:

Get the Gauge!

As you may know, our flagship product, MediaGauge, helps you, the content creator, see who’s tuning into your content and for how long in real-time. It currently works with Vimeo, Youtube (iframe), HTML5, Brightcove, SoundCloud, jPlayer, and VideoJS.

MediaGauge Messages uses the same engine that powers MediaGauge to help you leverage your audience’s affinity. And with MediaGauge Messages you can now deliver messages, directly to them, instantly!

Sign up today!

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